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Objective :  Create a powder / soft-snow specific board

Characteristics  :  Surf-style feel , Quick turning radius , exceptional float , ultra stable , fast on the flat sections , 

Process :  Take 25 years of personal experience mixed with all the modern technology in the snow and water sports , shake vigorously and lightly pour some "outside-the-box" thinking before consumption.


I first witnessed snowboarding in an early 80's Warren Miller movie.   What intrigued me the most was the apparent "sensation".   I've always strived to find better equipment to yield better performance , and thus even better sensation.  

Not many will argue that snowboarding in powder is one of the best sensations available to us on this planet.  I believe in "Condition specific" equipment , and the same gear you use for all round mtn riding is NOT optimum for riding POW.  If Powder days are among the best in your life , don't you think you'd like to optimize the experience and sensation ??  I do.

I've begun prototyping and testing some rather radical boards specific to " softer " snow conditions.  May 27th was day 1 on the latest FAWCETT snowboard.  Great success considering the mashed potato conditions.  It definitely out- performed a conventional board.   I'm looking to create further generations this summer with a plan to produce a limited batch of boards available this Fall.   Next Stop....Mammoth June 2 - 9.   Then on to N.Z. in Aug for some southern hemisphere dry-powder testing.   Photos as soon as I'm content that this IS the best powder machine out there.

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Hello !  Welcome to my Blog.  I will attempt to keep you up to date on my "goings-on" with The National Team and my own activities.   Check in frequently for updates.   Just as much fun stuff occurs in the summer as in the winter , so pop over in the warm season for a peek as well.   Cheers !!!   Mark Fawcett

Mark Fawcett